Our Services

While our roots trace back nearly two decades as professional DJ's, as you can see from our site or by visitiing our office, we're not just a really good DJ company.


We've grown to include some of the greatest relationships with other fantastic vendors such as photographers, video crews and offer photo booth services to round out our lineup. 


Equinox Sound & Entertainment Inc., our staff and subcontractors work with close to a thousand clients a year! Everyone involved here has become known for great work, customer service, committment to quality and a strong work ethic. Inquire with us, contact us or make an appointment to come and see us. We'll be happy to show you what we offer. 


Quick Look at our Options

All of our services can be booked by choosing from one of a few existing packages, or custom buliding something completely unique to you and your guests.


With each service, the categories and names of the package options may slightly change, but the idea is still the same. 


You choose what options work best for you and we'll help by providing expertise and feedback based on our many years of working with clients just like you!




Offers the essential features required for clients to have a worry free and smooth event. 


With DJ this means backups, insurance, licensing, lights, sound and an experienced DJ. 


With photos and video, it provides many of the same features, however time frames are limited to fit more conservative budgets. 


Offers a step up from our silver options and provides additional features that may cover more time or add a few bells and whistles. 


With the DJ it's often a more interactive experience.


With photos and video, it can be more time, added credits on prints or copies of DVD's and additional locations. 


Our platinum offers in every service brings you our highest value. 


With DJ, it means profiling and choosing your performer, adding lights and additional options and the most experience we can provide. 


With photos and video, it's more time, more cameras, more locations, highlight reels and credits to use toward adding images and clips. 

Our Staff

Here's how our working relationships are created. 


We train and staff our DJ's and photo booth attendants in-house. This means with every event, you'll be working with people who were taught to do things the way we've been successfully doing them since 1995. 


Fewer bad habits, more communication and consistency. 


Our only subcontractors are photographers and video crews, who over years of working hundreds of events, we've been able to see and partner with to ensure the same level of committment and quality is placed into their businesses and levels of service as we aim to provide. 


And of course, your meetings and contact with our services can all be done in one place. No running around, no setting multiple meetings. Just call one number and we'll arrange your meeting(s) for you. 


Our company is always on the look out and training the newest and best staff Alberta can offer. 


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