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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much are your rates?


That can be a challenging question to answer based on a number of factors. The best we can tell you without knowing more about your event is that our rates are competitive while focusing on providing quality, security, and value. We aim for an entertainment experience.


2) What is an entertainment experience?


Some companies focus on "how big" or "how loud". Quality equipment, of course, is important and we provide all that; but, our focus is the emotional connection we can make for our clients to their families, friends, guests, and attendees to maximize the impact on any event.


This experience can be attained by focusing on the music choices, the order, the features we include, the way we edit, organizing and communicating with our clients or any number of other ways that provide the highest quality. 


3) Can we bundle services?


Yes, one of the best value options we offer is the ability to bundle our packages. Combined your DJ with a photo booth, or video and photography to take advantage of professionals who work together often or save you on your investment. 


4) Do we meet with your staff?


We offer a number of options with our packages. Some include a meeting with our office, others with the specific professional or entertainer assigned to your event. Ask for details and we'll be happy to explain the process. 


5) Do you provide backups and insurance?


Yes and yes. All services are backed up with staff ready to roll in the event of an emergency. We also provide liability insurance at our events as well as licensing for our music. 


6) Do you require a deposit?


For us to commit our resources and services to you and your event date, we do require a deposit on our services. Photography and video deposits will vary based on the requirements of each service, and DJ and photo booth services are 50% of the total required investment. 


7) How far in advance should we book?


Much of that depends on the date of your event as some dates are more popular than others. Traditionally clients will book 6-10 months prior to their event date, but we can take last minute events due to the size of our company. We recommend booking the minute you are comfortable with what we offer and our company as we can never guarantee availability without a deposit.





An Entertainment Experience...


Equinox Sound & Entertainment is your top agent for hiring DJs, photographers, video sevices and photo booth service specialists. 


Providing expertise and quality of the highest regard for wedding and corporate clients, you can be sure Equinox Sound's talent pool will bring the experience, customer service, and best value to every event!


Our goal is not simply to connect clients to service providers but to create long-lasting relationships. 


Here are just a few of the things our clients have to say about what we do...



"We had a great time! And Stacey was great! Everyone was commenting on how she kept the dance floor going. And so happy to hear our pictures are looking good so far. Carmen and Emma were great to work with! We will definitely be recommending Carmen to people that are looking for photographers. I will recommend Equinox!"


Dave and Janine Maik------


"Thanks for everything, the party went great!"Marijke Worts - Shell Canada------"I would like to say that Adam was an awesome DJ.... I am still getting compliments on our reception especially the music...he had people on the floor from start to finish!!! We will recommend him and your company anytime!"


Luke & Nichole------


"It was way more fun than I thought it would be. I assumed I wouldn't know the songs or the artists, so I thought it would be boring, but even when I didn't dance, I knew almost all of the songs! Great party!"


A Guest at the Arc Resources Party------


"Dealing with Equinox was very easy as they answered calls and emails immediately. They answered and dealt with all the questions and concerns I had in a very professional manner. I WILL use them again for next years party.


Carol - Critical Control Solutions Inc.------


"Polite and was always willing to and tried to improve the night whenever he could. A 5 out of 5 on your feedback form."


David Best - Canadian Forces------


"He was enthusiastic about his job and worked quietly and efficiently when getting set-up since we brought him in after guests had already arrived. We felt he and Equinox Sound provided a good variety of music for a good price."


Dianne Unger




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