Free Service Quote Diagnostic


Any good event service should provide great quality and the tools to help plan and get you to your ultimate goal -- a fun, flawless, fantastic event!


As an added service to anyone interested in organizing an event, we understand how difficult it can be to ensure you're getting more than what you're being asked to pay for. 


We've put together a 24-point service diagnostic program to help you get the best value for your dollar. With no obligation or sneaky sales tactic, we'll put any quote you've received through a stringent set of tests. We'll grade the quote and if you're not getting a good value, our diagnostic will tell you why. If you are, it will tell you that too. 


Simply upload your quote, file, emails or pdf and give us 24-48 hours to run a diagnostic on it for you. It's that simple and it's a can't lose situation!