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Make Us An Offer Days

Make Us an Offer Guidelines...


Here's How It Works...


Step 1: Take a look at our current pricing. (Please contact us for our package brochure) 


Step 2: Select the packages that fit your needs best in any of our DJ, photography, video or photo booth options. 


Step 3: Use our rates as a guide, but ignore the pricing of those packages and make us a reasonable offer. 


As long as the offer is fair, we'll seriously consider it! 


Why would we do this?


For new clients, we understand that they want the best quality for the best price. The options out there with our competition are often less than ideal, but are sometimes considered due to budget concerns. 


For existing clients, when you signed up with us, you got a great value. But, you may have been on the fence on some of our other services. Got a DJ but didn't get a photographer? Hired a video service, but didn't have the budget for a photo booth?


We want to make it easy for you to make the best choice or get those other services you may have wanted.


Exceptions to the Rules...


Like any huge promotion, there are always a couple exceptions...


We have four rules:


First, if the offer isn't anywhere close or doesn't represent common industry value for services comparable to what we're offering, it's not considered a reasonable offer. Meaning, you can't offer $400 for a $1099 DJ package and think that's reasonable. It isn't. So too, if our Platinum photography package is $3999, we won't take $999 for it. You get the idea.


Second, some dates are ineligible either because we're already booked and have no spots left or because they are considered premium dates. New Year's Eve? Premium date. Halloween night? Premium date...


Third, this promotion does not affect the pricing of packages already signed up and secured. This is exclusively for new package purchases or additional services purchased beyond your original package(s). 


Finally, if you're not an existing client, but want to take advantage of this promotion, you first need to know that we will never alienate our clients who just recently signed up. Therefore the offers on the first service should be fair in all respects. We'll offer much more wiggle room on add-ons than we will the first purchase. 


7 Days Only!


Our make us an offer promotion will only last seven days. April 23rd - April 30th. It will start at 11am on the 23rd and end at 7pm on the 30th.


If you don't get those offers in and they are not accepted by that time, they are not valid. (a deposit and signed contract are required to secure your offer and our acceptance). 


What Are You Waiting For!!


Contact Us For Our Current Pricing List And More Information!!



We'd had Equinox Sound in the past, but due to budget issues in some down times for our company, we couldn't afford to have another party which was really troubling since this was the time we need a pick-me-up more than ever.


With the Make Us an Offer, we were able to come togther as a group, see what we could afford and we offered that. It was accepted and we had a fantastic party!

We were able to add the photo booth we wanted that we couldn't have otherwise afforded. It was so successful and saving that $100 made a huge difference for us in our overall budget.

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