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Wedding DJ Services


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. You had one opportunity when you met that special someone and that first impression played a major role in getting you to the point where you're planning your reception and require a DJ!


In the same way, you only get one chance to ensure your party isn't just some music and a few lights, but an entertainment experience that shows your family, friends and guests that you want them to have a great time! 


Your DJ is about the most important professional you'll hire to help make that happen...


When a couple chooses the wrong DJ:


  • guests don't dance

  • guests leave early

  • music choices don't match the group, their ages and music preferences

  • the music doesn't reflect the tastes of the couple or their guests

  • lighting doesn't help create any emotion 

  • the DJ doesn't have enough music to fullfill requests

  • the DJ plays inappropriate requests


When a couple chooses the right DJ:


  • guests dance... and dance a lot!

  • guests get a chance to take a break and chat, while new guests fill the floor!

  • music choices match the group, their ages and music preferences and keep people engaged!

  • the music creates emotion, let's people laugh, sing, act!

  • lighting accentuates the room and the overall feel of the event!

  • the DJ takes requests and make the appropriate choices to ensure more fun!

  • the DJ works with the guests to involve them

  • the DJ assists the emcee in creating a fun, smooth and well managed event!

  • the DJ has the experience to steer a crowd in any direction!

  • the couple gets all sorts of compliments on their choice of entertainment!

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Edmonton Award Winning DJ Services
Edmonton Award Winning DJ Services

Professional Consults

What separates our services from any other is that every wedding DJ client of Equinox Sound & Entertainment Inc. has the opportunity to book a non-profiled or profiled DJ package. This means a client can book a company they trust to take care of their event in a professional, fun and entertaining way, or they do all of that and hand-select a DJ from our most elite staff!


You can either meet our highly qualified office staff to go through all your reception and party details or have that meeting with our office and your DJ! Either way, you'll be guided through the process in whatever way makes you comfortable as a couple looking for the right fit.



You can hire a DJ company that tries to "wow" you with their lighting show, realizing later that the exact demonstration show you viewed is either way above your budget or not included in most packages or you can add features that will really make a difference in the end result of your day!


Let's be honest, your guests likely won't walk away from your event saying, "that was a cool laser show". But they might say, "it was so beautful when it looked like you were dancing on a cloud". "I can't believe how you turned your entire backdrop into a wonderful display of your wedding colours with your intials right in the middle... it was georgous."


Our staff will plan with you and help make your vision of your perfect event come true. It's not louder, better or more lights, more dancing. It's about the emotion you can create with the prefect blend of talent, technology and creativity. 



Features That Make a Difference

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